What do you get?

When you buy a Little Elves Advent Calendar, you get access to our magical, digital advent calendar.

We will also post out to you:

  • The magic advent key.
  • 24 Little Elves stickers (for you to stick on the special somethings.)
  • A secret sheet (telling you the hiding places for each day).

How does it work?

As we are totally different to any other advent calendar, we have made a short explainer video. Not to be watched in front of the kiddies.

Giving our Advent Calendar

On the morning of 30th November, you will leave the magical advent key for your child to find, by the front door or fireplace.

On the back of the magical advent key, is a QR code. This takes your child to a short video, where the North Pole Fairy tells them about their advent calendar.

She will also give them a kindness challenge, ready for the start of December and advent.

The excitement starts here!

The ‘Something Specials’

If you’re not sure what a good ‘something special’ could be, here is our free Christmas Joke download. Print it at home, cut them out and give the gift of chuckles and giggles this advent.

We are also offering, 24 large (4.5cm diameter) Belgian, milk chocolate coins. They taste lovely and our surprise stickers fit perfectly onto them.

Who are the Santa’s Helpers?

There are eight diverse Santa’s helpers with different roles in the North Pole and positive characteristics.

Where are the hiding places?

We have picked 24 hiding places that all houses should have. They are listed in alphabetical order, not the order in which they are used in the advent calendar. Don’t forget, your secret sheet will tell you everything you need to know.

On or by the child’s;

Bookshelf, Christmas tree, clock, coat pocket, cutlery draw, freezer, fridge, front door, grown-ups bed, in their socks, kitchen cupboard, kitchen tap, lamp, next to the TV, on a chair, pencil case, shoe, somewhere up high, toy box (storage), under a cushion, under their bed, under their pillow, where their clothes are kept and on the windowsill.

What is the storyline?

We have created an engaging story to keep your little elf engaged and enthralled over the 24 videos. The storyline is full of magical twists and turns and uses the creative, engineering, athletic abilities, their sense of humour, kind nature and many more positive characteristics from Santa’s helpers, to solve problems and explore the fun of Christmas in the North Pole setting.

We get your child involved in Santa’s helper plight in many different ways. We don’t want to give away too much about our surprises, but here are the titles of each video, to give you an indication of the variety and excitement.

  1. Welcome to the North Pole.
  2. Letter to Santa.
  3. The great storm!
  4. Christmas cookies.
  5. Christmas cheer.
  6. Build-tastic!
  7. A surprising discovery.
  8. The North Pole lights.
  9. Festive garland.
  10. Step of a cat.
  11. Snowflakes.
  12. Getting carried away.
  13. Candy cane treats.
  14. Back on track.
  15. Magical stars.
  16. What to wear?
  17. When Santa comes down your chimney.
  18. The Christmas tree.
  19. It’s all gone terribly wrong!
  20. Deliveries.
  21. The nice list.
  22. It’s taking too long.
  23. Christmas Eve traditions.
  24. Christmas Eve greetings from the Little Elves.
Magical Settings

The scenes for the videos are set in a variety of magical locations. Here you can see a few, to get a feel for what’s to come for your little elf.